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Emergency Department Records Coordinator PT-TEMP
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To act as an onsite coordinator for the timely and effective acquisition, detailed review, reconciliation and processing of patient records necessary to produce a claim form or billing statement. To build and maintain positive relationships with key hospital personnel to include Medical Directors, HIM Directors, ED Nurse Manger/Director and SG providers.

Job Responsibilities Primary Functions:

  • Obtain daily ED log and ED charts for review and reconciliation.
  • Ensure all required documents are included in the ED chart for accurate coding and billing.
  • Identify high acuity patient charts according to disposition status or ancillary services ordered.
  • Review provider documentation for required elements needed for coding and billing ensuring more detailed review of high acuity charts.
  • Identify patient charts that are non-billable to SG and appropriately document on ED log.
  • Reconcile patient charts to ED log ensuring all charts have been accounted for.
  • Scan/import and transfer all logs and charts to SG within required timeframe.
  • Ensure data quality and integrity of all communication and transmissions.
  • Return deficient or incomplete patient charts to provider for completion within specified timeline and locate missing patient charts.
  • Resolve all outstanding charts within required timeframe.
  • Submit Inpatient Emergency Response log and charts within required timeframe.
  • Communicate frequently with Medical Records Assistant Manager.
  • Build and maintain positive relationships with providers and key hospital personnel.
  • Attend and participate in departmental meetings as requested by Medical Director and/or Medical Record Assistant Manager.
  • Responsible for obtaining completed Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9) and needed documents.
  • Assist in additional projects/requests by Medical Records Assistant Manager, as needed.

Secondary Functions:

  • Act as a liaison between ED providers and hospital HIM Departments.
  • Assist in additional requests by SG operational teams as approved by Medical Records Assistant Manager.
  • Respond to patient inquiries regarding their bills by providing appropriate billing company customer service telephone number.
  • Forward all business mail addressed to SG and/or SG providers, which may include insurance payments or requests for information, to the corporate office immediately.
  • Attend required hospital training classes.

Educational Qualifications

  • High School Diploma with one to two years of related experience and/or training or equivalent combination of education and experience required.

Previous Experience

  • Previous medical record experience preferred.

Special Skills

  • Basic computer and keyboarding skills required.
  • Medical terminology education preferred.
  • Able to identify technical issues that arise and contact the appropriate personnel for support.
  • Possess the maturity, sophistication and professional demeanor to interface with all levels of management, staff, and providers.
  • Able to work independently without direct supervision.
  • Excellent record of attendance within pre-arranged schedule.
  • Good organizational skills.
  • Able to read and comprehend simple instructions, short correspondence and memos. Able to write simple correspondence. Must also be able to read and interpret procedure manual.
  • Able to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists. Can interpret a variety of instructions in written and oral form.
  • Possess minimum mathematical skills.
  • Computer literate; able to learn software applications required to perform job duties.

Schumacher Group provides competitive benefits and salaries to its employees and is committed to employee development and workplace satisfaction.

Our current offerings, which may vary by employment status, location, and/or division, include:

  • Medical, Dental and Vision Coverage
  • Basic and Supplemental Employee Life Insurance
  • Supplemental Spouse and Dependent Life Insurance
  • Short Term and Long Term Disability
  • 401(k) Plan with a Company match
  • Additional Voluntary Benefits such as Cancer Insurance, Critical Assist, Medical Gap Coverage, and Accident Coverage
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Credit Union
  • Paid Time Off
  • Paid Holidays
  • Employee Discount Programs
  • Wellness assessment and activities

Schumacher Group is committed to excellent medicine, excellent service, and excellent business, all to be accomplished with excellent character. We make ongoing investments in our most valuable asset, our people, through continuous learning and development. We also support and encourage participation in a variety of community and charitable events.

The above list is a general listing of benefits that promote healthy living and work-life balance. Benefits may differ based on employment status, location, and division.
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Experienced ER and Inpatient coder – AAPC Medical Coding …

Email id: karthikkeyan00@yahoo.co.in

Career Objective
Looking for a challenging role of medical coder in an organization where my skills and knowledge can be utilized to the fullest and can be able to serve the organization.

Current Organization
Organization : Ispace global services ( I heath technologies)
Designation : Sr.Configuration Analyst
Duration : April 2012 ? February 2014

Data Acquisition from CMS and specialty (MFS, CCI, LCD etc) converted into Business rule according to the coding guidelines. Those rule presented to the client and made modification according to client request, Test the rules by creating dummy claims

Organization : Omega Healthcare Services
Designation : Sr.Medical coding executive
Duration : Sep 2009 ? April 2012


Having 5 years of experience in Medical Coding and denial management, currently working at
Doctus Data Services as Sr. Medical coder

Certified Professional Coder (CPC)
Core Strengths

In depth knowledge of coding concepts and principles
Expertise in Emergency department,
Expertise ICD-9 CM, CPT and HCPCS coding
Quality assessment of coded data
HIPAA compliance
Sound knowledge of CMS
Thorough understanding of medical coding and business systems
Good knowledge of popular insurance companies and claims adjustments
Fair knowledge of ICD-10 CM
Extensive medical terminology knowledge
Team player with positive attitude
Great telephone &email etiquette

Academic Profile

M.Sc (Microbiology) from Mohamed Sathak College, Chennai in the year 2008.
B.Sc (Microbiology) from SrimadAndavan art and science college, Trichy in the year 2006.

Previous Experience

Have worked in SATHAN CLINIC (PUBLIC SERVICE INTERNATIONAL) as Backup Lab Technician
Have worked in QUEST DIAGNOSTICS as Phlebotomy trainer cum Network Executive
Computer Proficiency

Well conversant with working on MS Office, MS Excel and friendly with Internet.
Personal Skills

Comprehensive problem solving ability, excellent verbal & written communication & analytical skills.Able to undertake various assignments of a project.

I do hereby declare that all the above information provided here are true to the best of my knowledge.

Medical Terminology Classes Facts | Traveling Ed | Medical Coding …

They utilize Existing Procedural Terminology (CPT), International Statistical Classification of Diseased and Related Health Troubles (ICD), and Healthcare Popular Procedure Coding Technique (HCPS) systems to assign the codes. For those who only provide the training in medical coding, student graduates can approach the coding authorities for their certification. By assigning these codes, it aids get payment or reimbursement in the overall health insurance providers to the doctors or other well being pros and from government agencies also. Here, the focus is to teach you just what you’ll need to complete to be an effective coder as it pertains to what physicians and supervisors want from one particular. There is certainly normally a require for check and balance as many assume everything stated inside a computer system program may be the honest to goodness truth. medical transcriptionist schools You’ll be able to discover and acquire to function immediately as being a coding specialist. One more function of a coder will be to help log the frequency of diagnoses and utilization of particular solutions and procedures linked with those diagnoses. An independent contractor can expect businesses that award coding contracts to provide the operate and coding software program whilst they may be responsible for delivering the computer hardware, net connection, and medical coding books. Following certification people will have to then obtain on the job experience. These hours is going to be quickly obtained via quiz completion, conferences, course and seminars.

You should have the men and women skills necessary to work directly with health-related doctors, surgeons, and other specialists and well being care experts. A healthcare coder works closely with all the physician as well as other healthcare employees. With a lot of different possibilities to pick out from, it is really a guarantee that you simply are going to be in a position to choose a plan that matches your precise profession goals. This particular demand implies outstanding wages too as added benefits, at the same time as your individual choice of work location. According to the US Career Institute, the health care field is the fastest rising industry than the others.

This practice can involve going for a examine what an individual has for one’s medical billing desires and making positive that insurance coverage procedures are managed properly. When all your commitments happen to be added for the calendar you need to have a clear picture if medical coding school is ideal for you personally. Careers in medicals coding would truly give fantastic returns, But returns to the extent may also be determined by ones capability to carry out, experience, and capabilities that they posses. A prevalent concern of any person pursuing a profession would be the typical salary one particular can expect upon graduation and into the future. There may very well be some new graduates who begin at the bottom of the pay scale and perform their way up, and then there might be staff with in depth education and practical experience.

The field of medical coding delivers two broad profession paths that aspirants can pursue – outpatient coding and inpatient coding. Medical coders must also know insurance specific coding guidelines at the same time and determine which recommendations ought to be applied in every circumstance. They will perform freelance, and, an incredible quantity of them function from residence. The functions which are present inside the software program has to be created HIPAA compliant as it is crucial for all well being institutions in the US to send the medical bills electronically and also to shop all healthcare records. The salaries reported range from $22,000 to $36,000.

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Medical Billing And Coding Online Courses Guide | Kid Adrift

In the US you’ll be able to discover a suitable course at a school, of which there are lots of in each state, or you even find out your expertise on-line. In reality, the survey done by the United States’ Division of Labor’s Bureau uncovered that as much as half with the medical coding and billing experts will be earning wages between $24,290 to$39,490 inside a year. Being a web based health-related coder would require a slightly various skill-set than should you were to physically function inside a clinic or hospital. Medical coders have to also have a broad knowledge base of medical billing, medical terminology, gross anatomy, insurance policies, practice management, coding recommendations, HIPPA regulations, how to use each and every coding manual, and more. General, becoming a medical coder won’t bring you a fortune in revenue, but it is also pretty straightforward to acquire into this field, as well as the operate can also be repetitive. medical transcriptionist schools When you total the courses you’re prepared to commence seeking a position as being a healthcare coder. A private individual who gets a receipt within the mail may possibly wish to know what each code signifies and the best way to determine what they are paying for. When doctors are performed writing the notes about a patient’s diagnosis and treatment, they generally need to have a person to transcribe these notes into computerized records. Below we have a look at what medical coding and what to seek out when it comes to choosing the ideal course. Finishing the medical coding course takes you between 3 months to one particular year.

Codes exist for all types of encounters, services, tests, treatments, and procedures provided in a medical office, clinic, or hospital. Where you live is also a big factor as to what you may anticipate to earn. Medical Coding is essentially the job of translating the medical observations about any procedure into alphanumeric codes. In addition to being knowledgeable, medical coders must also have the ability to read and understand detailed, lengthy medical records and operative notes. Environments could include a private practice or a huge organization.

The work prospects are usually very superior and you have a greater opportunity of climbing the ladder quicker than other areas with the industry. Considering that coding can also be utilized to derive statistical analysis, it wants to be accurate in order to obtain a correct image in the national and regional healthcare. Have you ever wondered how medical outfits handle to maintain up with its complex billing program. The 3 most will need to know inquiries are what you will do, just how much you might earn, and where you could possibly function, providing you the most beneficial outlook into the profession you want to enter. The medical coders assign unique codes for a variety of healthcare procedures.

This really is to lessen troubles with specialist code of operate ethics as coders who are properly certified are thought of to become in a position to be competent in their fields of coding knowledge. One important component of health care management is definitely the right record maintaining of wellness care activities to promote correct health-related claims billing and to prevent claims being denied by the insurance businesses. All these coding systems are critical for individuals that are undergoing some kind of remedy. For a lot of the positive aspects present opportunities not accessible when a single functions for an individual else. The cause behind that is that there are actually much more people today requiring some type of overall health care, irrespective of regardless of whether it is physical or mental.

What Are Medical Coding And Billing Services – Medical-Billing.com

Medical Coding And Billing

Medical Billers Form Important Part Of Health Care

Medical coding and billing is employed in the administrative part of the health care system. It is responsible for taking care of the medical care revenue cycle. It is widely popular due to the provision to use health cards to obtain and pay for medical services. They form a very important element of the health care system. If trained professionals are not available to take care of the medical revenue system then doctors, physicians and others involved in the health care industry will face a hard time in obtaining their reimbursements and payments from insurance companies. This will ultimately have an adverse effect on health care services.

Medical coding and billing jobs are one of the most sought after jobs in the health care industry. Here is a brief insight into their functions and tasks.

  • Verification of Insurance: This is a very important job and is taken care by medical billers and coders. Essentially this process involves verifying the authenticity of patient’s insurance credentials. This is important as a patient without proper insurance will not be able to pay his doctors.
  • Charge Entry: this process involves booking an amount that is equal to the services offered to the patients.
  • Claims Submission: this is the most important process in which claims are prepared. Once the claim form is filled the claim must be submitted to the insurance company for processing. This can be done either using the traditional mail process or electronically using the facilities that are provided on the website of the insurance company.
  • Payment posting: this process involves monitoring and booking the settlements and payments from the insurance companies.

    Medical Billers

    Importance Of Medical Billing And Coding

  • Follow-up: it is equally important to check up on the status of the claim.
  • Denial management: not all claims would be accepted and the process of handling rejection of these claims is also taken care of by medical billers.
  • Reporting: the status of the revenue cycle needs to be reported to the management with proper feedback.

With proper training you can start a career in medical coding and billing. There are many things that one gets to learn including physiology, anatomy, medical terminology, insurance and reimbursements and other standard medical procedures. It can be taken care of either by big firms or small home based businesses. Experience matters most in this field so starting salary may not be too high. However if you stick with it, your payments increase substantially in a few months.